Visit of Tencent compagnie

At 10 am we went to visit Tencent who is a provider of internet and mobiles services as well as online advertisement that includes social networks, e-shops and online games. Tencent was our first company visit in China.

After a one-hour ride, we arrived… but at the wrong building! The organization in China is not always clear (traffic jams are not helping too). Thus, we arrived 30 mins late at the second Tencent building where we started our visit. It started with an overview of Tencent’s worldwide presence and a picture of the whole group.

In the hall, there was a big robot cleaning the marble ground while another robot was guarding the surroundings as a police officer. It was amazing!

Throughout the visit, they presented a wide range of products including various applications such as WeChat, video and game platforms as well as R&D transportation and robotics.

To power those services, they need a huge number of servers, so the last part was to present how they developed their infrastructure in China.

Iman, Sébastien & Jonathan