Here we are

After a technical issue solved now, we are ready to feed our blog four our 4th summer academy in China. We are split in two groups: – 9 Innokickers with Patrick Albert in Shenzhen working for a contest on Healthier Lifestyle for Healthier Living with Students from China and Hong-Kong. – 22 Innokickers with Jean-François […]

The hidden marvels of Shanghai’s streets

 Since our arrival in China, we have been through numerous intense experiences. It was difficult to adapt at times, due to our European education. However, a great majority of these experiences were very enriching, fun and full of knowledge sharing.    Not being used to the culture, numerous aspects of the city and the university […]

Tea ceremony

China is well-known for its tea culture, to the extend that it is actually commonly called the art of drinking tea (chayi). The word cha (茶) describes the beverage derived from Camellia sinensis, the tea plant. Drinking tea is an essential part of the traditional chinese culture. As avid coffee drinkers, our morning routine was […]

Jetlag in Shanghai

Very shortly after our arrival in Shanghai, we had to accomplish a special assessment with our Chinese colleagues which was pretty difficult for some of the Swiss members. However, it was even harder for Alejandro who had travelled all the way from Colombia to Shanghai and arrived just the night before. So, while other members […]

Business Development in Progress (Day 3)

Once we got acquainted a little more with China and were able to identify the  main problems the country faces, it became easier to focus on one specific issue. After which, the group was able to proceed to an ideation so as to generate the most interesting solutions based on their observations. These ideas were […]

First project’s day

The member of TAKI at 10 PM. Today, we had the chance to follow several conferences of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, chemicals and sustainable living. These conferences allow us to learn a little more about the topics related to our challenge and to understand the habits of the locals and ask all […]

Visit at the Swiss Center China in Shanghai

On Tuesday 10th July, we had the opportunity to discover the Swiss Center in Shanghai with first an interesting presentation of Emmanuelle Roduit, Deputy General Manager of the center, who introduced us to the strategy and activities of the centers. Swiss Centers China (SCC) is a non-profit organization serving the Swiss economy by providing adapted […]

The hidden treasures of Shanghai

Shanghai has many hidden treasures which can be difficult to find without local help. Within its center lies the Yu-Garden which takes on an entirely different dimension when compared to the European environment that we are used to. The architecture is particularly striking; with its old fashioned Chinese structures. We can for example lose ourselves […]

Food tips & tricks

Hello guys, when we arrived in Shanghai we were a little bit afraid about the food! One of the group tried to order some Chinese food! It’s difficult to translate the menu to the waitress, but with Google translate you can communicate with the locals! The meals were delicious and the group was served like […]