Nightlife in Shanghai

One of the fun aspects of travelling is going out to discover the local nightlife. In Shanghai, we found not so easy to get to a nice bar: they are either in very good standing, or more like restaurants.

We also tried nightclubs, like TAXX for example. It is huge and very different from those in Switzerland, even if it was western and commercialized music, very loud by the way.

Actually, three quarters of the club are VIP zones, so the dancefloor is really small, and there are many security guards everywhere. We think that they try to be a select club but, as foreigners, it was possible to enter for free, with shorts and sandals. We were also a bit surprised that people were not really talking or interacting with each other and didn’t look like to have fun.

Another strange aspect for us was the cleaners. Actually, they were cleaning the floor, full of confetti, while it was totally crowded. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and were really happy to discover this angle of the city.

Group 1 : Laureline, Colin, Sébastien