One week later

There it is, the end of a unique experience, the International Student Innovation Competition in Shanghai is over. After a whole week of hard work between Swiss and Chinese students some stereotypes have been broken or re-enforced, let see how Chinese students have lived this week: What did you think about this week? It was […]

Arrival, first day and competition

After a 13 hour flight, several hours of train and one hour ferry or subway for some students, we finally all arrived to Sofunland in Shenzhen. This big complex just minutes away from the Southern University of Science and Technology will be our home for the next 10 days. We get a minimalistic Japanese style […]

Electric car market

According to our Federal Statistical Office (1), only 0,3% of swiss passenger cars ran with electricity in 2018. In China, electric cars will representing 1/5 of car sales by 2025 (2). It is possible with a strong implication of China state with financial help and quotas. We also observed we can buy an electrical We […]

Visit of Tencent compagnie

At 10 am we went to visit Tencent who is a provider of internet and mobiles services as well as online advertisement that includes social networks, e-shops and online games. Tencent was our first company visit in China. After a one-hour ride, we arrived… but at the wrong building! The organization in China is not […]

The world around a table

We’re six people sitting around a table, some of us met some days ago for the first time, the rest less than a year ago. We all come from different parts of the world : China, Switzerland, France, Lebanon and Mexico; we all studied different things : engineering, hospitality, arts and physics; our ages range […]

Nightlife in Shanghai

One of the fun aspects of travelling is going out to discover the local nightlife. In Shanghai, we found not so easy to get to a nice bar: they are either in very good standing, or more like restaurants. We also tried nightclubs, like TAXX for example. It is huge and very different from those […]

Discovering Shanghai

This article is about our first day of Summer Academy Sinnokick 2019 in Shanghai. It’ll describe our journey’s activities.  We were welcomed by ShanghaiTech University in their facilities and meet our chinieses  groupe-mates and then assisted the lesson about design thinking, given by Professor Li. In the afternoon we received a list of activities to […]